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Virus Information Library offers virus protection, internet security software, personal computer updates, hacker protection and anti-virus downloads..

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More than 62,000 virus threats exist today. The McAfee AVERT Virus Information Library has detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them. 

In addition to genuine viruses, the Virus Information Library contains useful information on virus hoaxes, those dire email warnings about disk-eating attachments that sometimes land in your inbox. A Virtual Card For You and SULFNBK are two of the best-known hoaxes, but there are many others. Next time you receive a well-meaning virus warning (unless it's from us, of course!), check our Hoax Pagebefore you pass the message on to all your friends.
Viruses In the last couple of weeks, mail servers blocked over 100,000 attempts to deliver the Sobig-F virus. The numbers aren't going down, either - the daily average has more than tripled in the last three days. How can one virus be so effective at getting around the Internet?
The MS-Blaster worm caused a great deal of trouble as well, infecting over 30,000 computers per hour at its peak. Making things even worse, it was coupled with another worm designed to remove Blaster - Welchia. Again, how can this happen so quickly and easily?
While there are many possible explanations, including blaming the operating system, antivirus software vendors, malicious crackers, or even the users themselves, education is really the answer. Whether they are seasoned veterans of the Internet or people making their first connection, they need to know the risks they are exposing themselves to and take steps to protect themselves.
With Sobig-F and its variants, as quickly as antivirus vendors were able to isolate and provide protection from the virus, the small window of time during which no protection was available was enough to cause trouble.
With Blaster, damage and inconvenience to computers and users could be prevented with some easy solutions and a little time - personal firewall products, or even facilities built in to the operating system, allow people to stop worms like Blaster from spreading. The way in which the Blaster worm spread, using a port designed for network software, is one of the first ports security professionals will block - it is simply too dangerous to allow it on the internet unfiltered. Is it the fault of those who were infected that they didn't close this port? Perhaps - but if none of the people who provided the computer took the time to warn the user of possible dangers, then how could you blame that user? Or, what if the user knew the risk and didn't know how to protect themselves?
Nobody can be expected to be a security professional in their spare time and know exactly how to defend themselves, especially if your use of the internet is limited and you have no desire to spend a great deal of time learning how to secure computers. It all comes down to making yourself aware of the risks, finding out what you can do to protect yourself, and then making it a habit to remain vigilant.

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